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Central Heating & Air Systems

Clay County Central Heating & Air System Services 

Family Owned & Operated HVAC Company in Jackson & Johnson

There’s a reason why central air systems are still one of the most popular methods of temperature control. These reliable units can provide total comfort all year long, as long as they have been properly cared for by HVAC experts. Let our team at 1st Priority Heating & Cooling and Construction, LLC provide the Clay County central heating and air system services you deserve.

For dependable installations, repairs, and maintenance, 

Get in touch online or call our trustworthy experts at (816) 785-3126.

How Does a Central Air System Work?

One of the most common types of heating and cooling units in modern residences is a central air system. Whether homeowners want warm air during the winter or cool air during the summer, they can use a single system to direct the temperature-controlled air through ducts. These systems are often powered by electricity, though they may be fueled by gas as well. Regardless of the power supply, the ductwork will effectively direct air into each room, operated by one thermostat. Anyone considering this type of installation should consult with our experts to configure the most efficient way of arranging the ductwork.

Why Is My Central Air Conditioner Leaking?

Spotting a large pool of liquid beneath an air conditioner is never a good sign and figuring out the cause of the leakage can be challenging without professional experience. In some cases, the condensate drain line may be blocked. When the line fills up with debris like sludge, dust, mildew, hair, or even mold, it will cause the water to leak backward. Although there is a drip pan, it will eventually overflow if it is not unclogged in time. 

Alternatively, there may not be enough refrigerant. If the refrigerant in an AC system has decreased, it will cause the pressure to drop. This leads the evaporator coils to enter a cycle of freezing and unfreezing. Whenever the coil starts to melt, it will drain into the drip pan until it overflows. Regardless of the cause, it is important to have a leak checked out by our professionals as soon as possible.

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